Diverse Forms of Generalized Birecurrent Finsler Space

Document Type : Original Article


1 Department of Mathematics, Hamedan Branch, Islamic Azad University,Hamedan, Iran

2 Department of Mathematics, Abyan University, Abyan, Yemen.

3 Department of Mathematics, Pratishthan Mahavidyalaya, Paithan, India.

4 Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University, Aurangabad, India.

5 Department of Mathematics, Taiz University, Taiz P.O. Box 6803, Yemen


The generalized birecurrent Finsler space have been introduced by the Finslerian geometers. The purpose of the present paper is to study three special form of Pijkh in generalized BP􀀀birecurrent space. Weu se the properties of P2-like space, P-space and P-reducible space in the main space to get new spaces that will be called a P2-like generalized BP-recurrent space, P-generalized BP􀀀birecurrent space and P-reducible generalized BP􀀀birecurrent space, respectively. In addition, we prove that the Cartan's firrst curvature tensor Sijkh satisfies the birecurrence property. Certain identities belong to these spaces have been obtained. Further, we end up this paper with some demonstrative examples.