On projective Riemann quadratic (PR-quadratic) Finsler metrics

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Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Science, University of Qom, Qom. Iran


This paper focuses on Projective Riemann quadratic (PR-quadratic) Finsler metrics, which are a variant of the Finsler metric in Finsler geometry. The paper introduces a special class of PR-quadratic Finsler metrics, called SPR-quadratic Finsler metrics, which is closed under projective changes with respect to a fixed volume form on M. This class contains the class of Douglas-Weyl metrics and is a subset of the class of Weyl metrics. The paper shows that any SPR-quadratic Finsler metric has a scalar flag curvature and a PR-quadratic Finsler metric has a scalar curvature if and only if it is of SPR-quadratic type. The results presented in this paper contribute to a deeper understanding of the behavior of PR-quadratic Finsler metrics and provide insights into the geometric properties of these metrics.