On a Five Dimensional Berwald Space with Vanishing Certain h- Connection Vectors

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Department of Mathematics K.S.Saket P.G.College Ayodhya- 224123, India.


M. Matsumoto and R. Miron constructed an orthonormal frame for an n-dimensional Finsler space and the frame was called Miron frame .T.N. Pandey and D. K. Diwedi and P. N. Pandey and Manish Gupta studied four- dimensional Finsler spaces in terms of scalars.P. N. Pandey and Manish Gupta also studied four-dimensional Berwald Space with Vanishing h- connection vector ki.Gauree Shankar, G.C.Chaubey and Vinay Pandey studied the main scalar of a Five Dimensional Finsler space.In the present paper, we study a Five dimensional Berwald space with vanishing h connection vectors.