On a special class of dually flat (α, β)-metrics

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Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Science, Urmia University Urmia, Iran.


In this paper, we first study a special class of (α,β)-metrics in the form F = α + εβ + k β2/α , where α is Riemannian metric, β is a 1-form, and ε,k(≠ 0) are constant. We give a complete classification for such metrics to be locally dually flat. By assumption β is a conformal 1-form, we show that the metric is locally dually flat if and only if α is a Euclidean metric and β is a constant 1-form. Further, we classify locally dually flat of a class of Finsler metric in the form F = α exp( α/β ) + εβ, where ε is constant.